About Instant Screen

Dealer Marketing Services, the creators of ProMax Unlimited and ProCredit Express, in conjunction with Transunion, has developed this revolutionary system that will enable dealers to pre-qualify consumers for automotive financing by simply entering the consumer's name and address into the ProMax or ProCredit system. Research shows that the portion of Internet leads that do not qualify for financing can be as high as 75%. With Instant Screen® your dealership employees will instantly know which leads can be pre-qualified greatly reducing the time wasted chasing after bad leads. Instant Screen® also pre-qualifies your showroom traffic by simply entering the consumer's name and address into the system or with an easy swipe of the consumer's driver's license.

The inspiration for the Instant Screen® came from hundreds of dealers wanting a solution to reduce the time they spend qualifying incoming showroom traffic & leads, recalled John Palmer, Dealer Marketing Services President & CEO. Based on this feedback from the dealerships, Dealer Marketing Services sought the help of TransUnion and created Instant Screen. Dealer Marketing Services constructed a custom solution that instantly delivers a credit bureau score for automotive financing. "After receiving feedback from dealers on Instant Screen I believe this will completely revolutionize the automotive industry the same way lender portals have changed automotive financing today."