Welcome to Instant Screen


Instant Screen is the only credit pre-screen product available today for the retail automotive industry. Developed jointly by TransUnion and Dealer Marketing Services, Instant Screen allows a dealer to obtain the prospect's exact credit score, trade information, know whether they have been shopping elsewhere recently, and pre-qualify them for an auto loan with only their name and address.


With Instant Screen you will immediately know:

  • If your customer is subprime and should be worked that way from the beginning and put on the right car to get them financed and hold gross.
  • If your customers credit is good enough to qualify for the special low lease payment from the factory they came in on, before having to bump him $30-$50 a month after he has committed and you run a bureau.
  • If your customer is buried in their trade, or has great credit and a high interest rate on another car loan with equity, and work the deal with this incredible information to close and hold gross.
  • If your customer has been shopping at other dealerships in the last 30 days.
The only requirement to participate in the program is the dealer must be doing business with at least two lenders (one which could be his own finance company), and can offer the consumer a firm offer of credit under the following terms and conditions, and any combination thereof:
Amount of Loan $5,000 to $40,000
APR 5.99% to 18.99%
Term 24 months to 72 months
Down Payment $500 to 40% of selling price + taxes & fees
Payment 15% to 30% of gross monthly income
Debt to Income Ratio 40% to 60% of gross monthly income + payment
Age of vehicle 2003 or newer
Min time on job 6 months to 2 years
Min time at residence 6 months to 2 years
Collateral 85% to 140% of Black Book Wholesale

Obviously a customer with great credit (750 and above) and the required income and collateral would qualify for the best terms in every category. A customer with very poor credit (500 and below) may only qualify for the lowest terms and conditions in each category.

For example, they may need to have $3,000 down to qualify to buy a $7,500 car at most. Odds are they won't have 3 grand to put down and if they did they would want something much more expensive. However, that does not change the fact you offered them a firm offer of credit and could honor the terms you presented.